Chuc Son ecological town and National Road 6

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Chuc Son ecological town is located in the west of the central capital city of Hanoi. The general planning boundary covers the whole administrative boundary of Chuc Son town and part of the area of Tien Phuong commune; Phung Chau; Phu Nghia; Ngoc Hoa and Thuy Huong of Chuong My district and part of Bien Giang ward, Ha Dong district.
Project to renovate and upgrade Highway 6 according to the planning in order to enhance traffic between Hanoi to Hoa Binh, Sơn La Lai Chau; To complete the system of centripetal roads, linking national highway 21A, Ho Chi Minh road, ring road IV, north-south economic development axes, promoting the efficiency of satellite urban chains and Ecological towns include: Xuan Mai, Hoa Lac, Son Tay ... contributing to reducing population pressure in the inner city; To create favorable conditions for infrastructure for socio-economic development in the western part of Hanoi city, to serve the traffic among population quarters and new urban centers in districts such as Ha Dong and Chuong My .
Chuc Son: The total natural area of the planned area is 2,024.23 hectares. The area of urban construction land will reach about 1,311.63 ha by 2030. Of which: urban civil land is about 756.18 ha, the average norm is 94.5m2 / person; Other land in the civil area is about 241.09ha; Construction land outside the civil area of 314.36 ha; Other land area is about 712.60 ha.
In terms of population size, in the first phase to 2020, about 53,000 people; 80,000 people by 2030; The training scale is about 30,000 students; The labor force is about 45,600 people by 2030, of which about 20,000 are industrial workers.
On 21/2/2018, the People's Committee Hanoi issued Decision No. 821 / QD-UBND approving the task of identifying the red line markers and designing the demarcation of Ha Dong - Xuan Mai road (off Ring Road 4), the scale 1/500 in the districts of Ha Dong, Thanh Oai and Chuong My. According to the decision, the study scale of the above road: The first point intersects with Ring Road 4, the end point intersects with Ho Chi Minh Road as planned; length about 23km. The section is located in the satellite city of Xuan Mai, cross section 60m; The section outside the urban satellite Xuan Mai cross section 40m. The section in the urban satellite of Xuan Mai is the main urban road, the section outside the satellite city of Xuan Mai is the first grade delta road. This is an important axis in the urban transport linking Xuan Mai with urban centers in Hanoi.
Previously, the People's Committee Hanoi has announced of the project on upgrading and upgrading of National Highway 6, Ba La - Xuan Mai, in the form of BT contract: To renovate and upgrade National Highway 6 of Ba La - Xuan Mai, starting from Km14 +200 in Ha Dong district, ending at Km38 + 00 at Xuan Mai township, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province. Jar. The total length of the route is 20.90Km (except for Km19 + 920-Km22 + 220 by the People's Committee of Chuong My district, which is invested by the city budget).

Completed investment in the entire route as planned, with main items including: road surface, water supply and drainage, technical cable trench system, lighting, trees, summer seasons and transport organization. Underground works, floating within the project scope; On the route, there are 07 new road bridges (Mai Linh Bridge, Tuan Bridge, Dong Tru Bridge, Tan Truong Bridge, Quan Lat Bridge, Xuan Mai Bridge, Nam Lu Bridge). Other planned interchanges with National Highway 21, North-South backbone and Ring Road 4 will be implemented according to their own projects and the remaining interchanges will be designed at the same level.
- The project of upgrading and renovating National Road No. 6 Ba La - Xuan Mai is 20.9 km long, using about 1,142,782m2 of land, divided into 5 sections with sections of 50-60m. Total investment is over 8,800 billion VND, of which the cost of land acquisition is estimated at 4,350 billion VND. All investment costs will be advanced by the investor for Hanoi.
On 03/01/2015, the People's Committee Hanoi issued Decision No. 505 / QD-UBND approving the master plan for Chuc Son ecological township by 2030 with a scale of 1 / 5,000. Location: Chuong My District, Ha Dong District, Hanoi.
This is one of the content has been approved by the People's Committee of the city of Chuc Son ecological township in 2030, 1 / 5,000 scale in Chuong My district.
- Project to renovate, upgrade and expand and embellish Highway 6, the section from km 19 + 920 to km 22 + 220, through the territory of the town of Good Son, Chuong My district has been the MPC approved by Decision No. 5757 / QĐ-UBND dated 12/12/2011: Investor: People's Committee of Chuong My district; Total investment: 429,707 million dong; Capital source: City budget; Duration of the project: 2012-2014. Previously, the People's Committee Hanoi issued Decision No. 4940/QD-UBND, approving the dossier of red-line markers The project on renovation, upgrading, expansion and upgrading of National Road No. 6, Km 19 + 920 to Km 22 + 220, through Chuc Son town Chuong My district.

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