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The Degree of Master in Transport construction engineering is a program of training department for graduate student at university of transport technology, ID: 60580205.

Skill achieved:
Transport construction engineering - UTT

To be capable of creating and quickly settling complicated and irregular jobs without the regularity in the construction field of traffic works.

Have skills independently or in collaboration with experts to research, apply, propose, implement and implement new scientific and technological issues;

Proficiency in computer tools, specialized software for research;

Have a foreign language ability to understand a report or a speech on most topics in the work related to Civil Engineering; Can be expressed in foreign languages in most common professional situations; can write reports related to professional work; It is possible to clearly present opinions and to discuss a technical problem in a foreign language.

University of Transport Technology Training programs.

University of transport technology
Transportation engineering focuses on the design and development of public transportation infrastructure and systems. As a discipline of civil engineering, practitioners endeavor to create roads, bridges, mass transit systems and other modes of transport to enhance society. In this capacity, these practitioners may design, operate and repair any of these assets with the aim of producing fast, efficient, safe, cost-effective, and sustainable forms of transport. Airport, highway, railroad and port engineering are all subsets of the discipline.
Engineer Program in Road and Bridge Construction Engineering Technology of University of Transport Technology (UTT) aims to provide learners:

- Being able to organize survey and measurement work, collect and process the data for road and bridge design;
- Being able to organize implementation of road and bridge construction project;
- Being able to make engineering design, construction design, organizing construction site, doing inspection and acceptance of transport construction work quality;
- Being able to manage operation and maintenance as well as quality inspection of road and bridge work;
- Being able to smoothly use professional software used in design, construction, operation and management of road and bridge work.
- Having professional working method, can effectively join the teamwork with capacity of presentation and communication.
- Integration with international environment in the field of road and bridge construction engineering technology
- Being able to use English, information technology to research and effectively apply the scientific and technological advancement in the field of road and bridge construction engineering technology.

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